Cascade English Mastiff Club

Code Of Conduct

Adopted by the Membership on October 28, 2006.

​The membership of the Cascade English Mastiff Club (CEMC) is dedicated to promoting the standard of the English Mastiff breed, advancing the objectives and integrity of the Club, protecting the interests of the breed and individual dogs, and promoting quality and integrity in breeding programs.

​This Code is established to further the objectives of the Club. CEMC members recognize, that as individuals, our practices of ownership, breeding, sportsmanship, and ethics, directly affect the welfare of the breed.  We realize that no code will ever cover every behavior necessary to protect the breed. Therefore, we acknowledge our actions are the truest reflection of our personal integrity and ethics, our commitment to the enhancement of our breed community, and true concern for the welfare of the breed.

Section 1

​Promoting the Standard of the Breed

​CEMC members agree to:

A. use the breed standard created, and owned by the Mastiff Club of America, Inc., and adopted by the American Kennel Club for the English Mastiff Dog to assess the suitability of the dog’s temperament and type for exhibition, companionship, and for breeding.

​B. participate in and/or support events which promote the breed standard and reflect the breed’s history and heritage.

Section 2

Advancing the Objectives and Integrity of the Club

CEMC members agree to:

A. Adhere to the AKC rules, the CEMC  Constitution, By-laws, and Code of Conduct.

B. Share knowledge truthfully, constructively, and respectfully when conveying information about members and members’ breeding programs, as well as about any individual English Mastiff dogs.

C. Display good sportsmanship, encourage and promote public awareness of responsible English Mastiff ownership, and to ensure that in all dog-related activities, the dog’s welfare takes precedence.

D. Only use a picture of any English Mastiff not owned nor co-owned, with the owner's express permission. Clearly identify that Mastiff, the Mastiff's owner, and state that prior permission is granted, on any website or in any ad.

​CEMC recommends:

A.  That all members support English Mastiff Rescue organizations.

Section 3

Protecting the Interests of the Breed and Individual Dogs

CEMC members agree to:

A. not allow their dogs to roam at large unsupervised, nor to become a public nuisance or a public burden. Prior to placing any English Mastiff, discuss with the prospective owner(s) the health care and behavior management need of the dog and provide recommendations for general care.

B. provide assistance to dogs of their breeding in need of rehoming whether through a shelter, rescue organization or an individual. Stud dog owners are encouraged to assist with rehoming of dogs sired by their dogs.

​C. use a written contract detailing all guarantees, obligations, and expectations of sellers, buyers, receivers and providers of services.

To include, but not limited to:

  • (1) complete care and feeding instructions

  • (2) record of inoculations and wormings with a recommended continuation schedule

  • (3) a five generation pedigree and signed AKC registration (unless other written agreement has been made).

  • (4)  stipulate that the buyer have a veterinary check-up within 5 (five) working days of the sale. If Veterinarian determines that the Mastiff is not in good health, the breeder will, upon the Mastiffs return, refund the purchase price or replace the Mastiff.

  • (5) provision that ensures that the breeder is contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at anytime in the dog’s life and that the breeder will take back that dog if asked to do so.

D. any English Mastiff sold, placed, given as a gift, co-owned or re-homed in any manner requires a written contract specifying all expectations, signed by the breeder/owner and new recipient.

E. that any dog they place which, in the breeder’s opinion, is not suitable for breeding is placed with an AKC (Limited Registration) non-breeding contract. A spay/neuter requirement is additionally recommended.

F. not knowingly sell or provide a Mastiff for resale, prize or to a broker/agent for resale.

Section 4

Promoting Quality and Integrity in Breeding Programs

​CEMC members who wish to breed English Mastiff dogs should do so with the full understanding of the responsibility they bear to the future of the breed and with the paramount intention of  improving and protecting the breed.  Ideally, the suitability of English Mastiff dogs for breeding purposes should be assessed after twenty-four months of age; ergo the recommended age for he first breeding is AFTER 24 months.

CEMC members agree to:

A. adhere to AKC rules applying to litter and individual registrations, ensuring that any litter they produce is eligible for AKC registration.

B. ensure a female bears puppies no more than two out of three seasons.  A period of one year rest between litters is desirable.  No bitch will be bred after her seventh (7th) birthday.

​C. remain available and willing to provide advice, when sought, for the lifetime of offspring from their dogs.

CEMC recommends, prior to breeding:

A. that all dogs obtain an evaluation for hip and elbow dysplasia from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or other CEMC recognized orthopedic registry prior to using an English Mastiff for breeding.  Regardless of any prior evaluations, all dogs over 24 months of age who are to be used for breeding should be evaluated by the OFA or other recognized orthopedic registry for hip and elbow dysplasia after 24 months of age and prior to being bred.

B. that an AKC DNA profile be obtained.

C. that temperament is very carefully evaluated.

​D. that an eye exam be conducted, with CERF being obtained and PRA DNA either performed and resulting in a negative finding, or negative results guaranteed through parentage.

E. that prospective breeding candidates as well as their immediate relatives be carefully evaluated against any affected with, or carriers of, hereditary disease for which there is a diagnostic test. In addition, when assessing candidates after their sixth birthday, inquire about diagnostic heart and thyroid testing completed at age six (6) or older.

​This Code of Conduct is the property of the Cascade English Mastiff Club and use or adoption by any non-member, or organization is strictly prohibited without prior approval, in writing, by the CEMC Board of Directors.